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7th Annual Parents University

  • 01/31/2019
  • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Gannett/USA Today Headquarters 7950 Jones Branch Drive McClean VA


Registration is closed

7th Annual Parents University

Food, wine and beer will be served from 7:00-7:30

Followed by three sessions of back to back classes

taught by our experienced members. 

Event is FREE for all current NVPOM members

and $15 per person for Nonmembers

Parking information:

There is some unexpected construction happening today at are P2 visitors gate and it will not be open tonight. Please use the P4 gate/employee parking. There will be an events sign on the street pointing towards the gate and an officer at the gate to assist.

Tegna Inc. Headquarters

7950 Jones Branch Drive ( around the corner from Hilton Headquarters) 

Look for EVENT PARKING sign turn into the parking garage. Head into main building

The Sessions:

(Note that sessions are subject to change and listed in no particular order)

Why Gender Matters and Tips for Raising Resilient, Confident Boys & Girls 

Gender influences brain development. The male brain develops in a different order than the female brain, resulting in both advantages and disadvantages for children in our current society. Drawing from Dr Leonard Sax’s research-based book series, we’ll discuss top tips for parents to combat societal disadvantages and employ gender-specific approaches to raise emotionally resilient boys and girls.

Krystal Workman

-Surving the first six months

Surving the first six months after your multiples arrive. 

Kathleen McMahon & Kristin Mosher

-Kindergarten Prep

What you need to know to get your multiples ready for public school!

Maggie Ewell

-Dads Only Panel

To discuss whatever the guys want to talk about!  NO GIRLS ALLOWED!

Shaw Skurnick

-Work/Life Balance Panel

Balancing family life, career, and self-care.  

Julie Pechacek and Margaret Baumgartner

-ADHD and Anxiety in School Age Kids

Maggie Ewell

-Keys to Managing & Diffusing Toddler Tantrums

Understanding your toddler is half the battle and having patience to move through the tantrum cycle is the other half! These tips will not only help you see the humor in your toddler’s world (one key to parent patience) but these tips will also help you teach your child and reduce the occurrence of future meltdowns.

Krystal Workman

-Hiring and Managing a Nanny or Au Pair

Julie Lockwood Pechacek and Margaret Baumgartner

-Managing Your Marriage with Multiples

Husband and wife team pass along words of wisdom in a judgement free setting

J. and Beth Hayes

-How to Carry Twins, and Tips for Surviving When Solo

Touch is vital to building a strong attachment between a parent and child. I’ll show you how you can hold two babies at once, and still have your hands free to

Krystal Workman

-Gaming and Technology for Youngsters

What devices are good for toddlers? What games are appropriate for preschoolers? Should I worry about screen time for my family? What tech is out there to make our family life easier? Join us for an open discussion on gaming and technology as it relates to our kids and families. Come with questions of your own or experiences and knowledge to share with others. 

Melissa Young

-Potty Training Panel

An open discussion of potty training multiples.  A panel of parents that have recently been through it will share their successes, their failures, and answer questions that you have

Amanda Venkatesan, Margaret Rood, Maile Gradison Hermida, and Mariam Masheeb


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